Overnight suspense shrouds TPP trade deal-Image1

International Trade Minister Ed Fast speaks to reporters in Atlanta, Wednesday, Sept.30, 2015, where he's attempting to complete negotiations toward a 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. We'll know in a few hours whether 12 countries, including Canada, have agreed to create the world's largest trade zone.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Alex Panetta

Kimberly Krawczyk

Kimberly Krawczyk wears a T-shirt honouring the people she has lost to drugs during a rally in Boston on National Overdose Awareness Day. On the shirt are (l-r) her father Walter, her mother Valaurie and her brother Michael.

Trudeau and Mulcair

There is more bad blood between the Liberals, as led by Justin Trudeau (left), and the NDP, as led by Thomas Mulcair, than at any time in recent memory, writes Bob Hepburn.

Stephen Harper

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper traces his roots to Toronto, where he grew up in what he describes as a suburban idyll. In high school, as a lanky teenager, he was an academic ace and long-distance runner.

Saad Gaya

If the government does succeed in banishing Saad Gaya, it will be something of a first. Even when it discriminated against native-born Canadians from specific ethnic backgrounds it generally refrained from expelling them, writes Thomas Walkom.


Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has said there are negative long-term effects of marijuana use. However, Dr. David Hammon, a University of Waterloo researcher, said on Saturday Harper’s assertion that marijuana is worse than cigarettes is “misleading.”

Marching over stigma

Alex Newman, front centre left, holds a sign while leading the Windsor Marijuana March from city hall to downtown Windsor Oct. 3.

Supporters and protesters

People, including supporters and protesters wait outside the location of a French-language debate before the leaders arrive in Montreal on Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

News From Beyond Windsor


Inquest begins into deaths of seven youth

Inquest into deaths of First Nations youth to get underway in Thunder Bay



Basil Borutski's case back in court

Case of man charged in killing of three ex-girlfriends due back in court


Federal Election

Major party leaders campaign in Ontario

Where the leaders are for Oct. 5


Federal Election

Where the leaders are for Oct. 5

Mulcair zooms through southwest Ontario while Trudeau is back in 905


Federal Election

Key developments on the campaign trail Sunday

Key developments on the federal election campaign trail Sunday


Federal Election

Offbeat moments in federal election campaign

A selection of offbeat moments from the federal election campaign


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Also the season premieres of Madam Secretary, The Affair, The Leftovers and Canada’s Smartest Person



A Tory blend of burqa-bashing and sex-education protests: Cohn

Conveniently for Conservatives, a homophobia-Islamophobia doubleheader is creating double jeopardy...


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