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Master Defenders

Matt Bhanks, an author and artist, dedicated...

2014 Municipal Candidates

Windsor Social Media Day 2014

An #smdayWE participant chalk-tweets on the...

Tom Morrison

2014 Rocky Campana GSA Leadership Memorial Scholarship recipients

Skyler Fantin and Sarah Szpak received the...

Sean Previl

Top colour picks for 2014

The Carvery

Photos of new Wyandotte Town Centre...

Jay Verspeelt

Art in the Park/Willistead Park pathways

Art in the Park, organized by the Rotary Club...

Tom Morrison

Forster closes after 92 years

Forster closing ceremonies May 31, 2014

Jay Verspeelt

Essex riding candidates

Tom Morrison

Windsor-Tecumseh all candidates debate

Windsor-Tecumseh MPP candidates Brandon...

Jay Verspeelt / OurWindsor

Windsor-Tecumseh Candidates

The registered candidates for electoral...

2014 Canada-Wide Science Fair

463 students participated in the 2014...

Tom Morrison

Bail or Jail 2014

The 28th annual Windsor & Essex County Crime...

Tom Morrison

Ontario Election 2014: Windsor West candidates

Liberal Teresa Piruzza, New Democrat Lisa...

Tom Morrison

Windsor Symphony Orchestra final 2013-14 performance

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra completed...

Tom Morrison

Afghanistan War ceremony

WIndsor participates in the Civil Day of...

Tom Morrison

South West Detention Centre tour

The South West Detention Centre will phasing...

Tom Morrison

Free Comic Book Day 2014

Several comic book stores across Windsor will...

Tom Morrison

Results: 1-18 of 1138