Bob White
Canadian Labour Congress president Bob White delivers his final address at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto May 3, 1999.
Feb 24, 2017 | Add Comment | OurWindsor.Ca

Labour leader Bob White believed in a just society for all: Opinion

Tim Armstrong

It would be wrong to pretend all of Bob White’s views were universally accepted, here in Canada or...

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Commentary | Feb 24, 2017
Yasir Naqvi

Making the case for preliminary hearings: Opinion

Ontario's attorney general is wrong to target them as a strategy for speeding up trials. Preliminary hearings play a vital...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Daniel Brown
Editorial | Feb 24, 2017

BERTON: Of typewriters, TV antennae and a roll of film

Do you know what a typewriter looks like?

Hamilton Spectator | by Paul Berton
Commentary | Feb 23, 2017

Better medicare the prescription for Ontario: Opinion

More private health care is not the answer, it will only erode the current public system. But Ontario has been too slow to...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Danyaal Raza
Commentary | Feb 23, 2017
Bill Morneau

Trudeau has run out of money so help for the middle class will have to wait: Paul Wells

The Trump effect and slow economic growth have Ottawa taking a wait-and-see approach.

Hamilton Spectator | by Paul Wells
Commentary | Feb 23, 2017
Darlington Nuclear power plant

Bruce Lourie: No one can make electricity cheap again

No politician can snap their fingers and make electricity instantaneously cheaper — at least not without making it...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Bruce Lourie
Commentary | Feb 23, 2017
Liberals endorse anti-Islamophobia motion-Image2

Azeezah Kanji: Transparent double standard on freedom of speech

Conservative leadership hopefuls who attack the symbolic motion M103 saying they are defending free speech are disingenuous...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Azeezah Kanji
Feb 23, 2017

The Oscars: an escape from reality into the world of movies

The public’s fascination with movies and movie stars manifests itself in the hundreds of millions of people who annually...

Hamilton Spectator | Add Comment | by Tony Lo Presti
Feb 23, 2017

Mark Bulgutch: Beating Trudeau not top priority for new Conservative leader

The Conservative Party doesn’t need a leader who knows how to win power but then doesn’t know what to do with it. And more...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Mark Bulgutch
Feb 22, 2017

Marcus Kolga: Canada is not immune to Kremlin manipulation and disinformation

Despite the worrying ongoing emergence of Kremlin proxies and targeted disinformation, Canada has done little to detect or...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Marcus Kolga
Feb 22, 2017

Don’t let seniors’ care become a private equity money maker

Allowing the growth of a private equity service delivery model in Canada will undermine the federal government’s stated...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Margaret McGregor
Feb 21, 2017

Faisal Kutty: Factors to consider about Sharia law and M103

There is no monolithic understanding of the Sharia — there is a spectrum of interpretations ranging from the very liberal to...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Faisal Kutty
Feb 21, 2017

The Trump-Bannon new global order: League of the Three Empires

Trump and Bannon aim at a fundamental reordering of the world. Whether they want to include China in what would become a...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by James Laxer
Feb 21, 2017

Prescription from ER doctor: expand public dental programs

I see patients in severe dental pain almost every week, and I am not the only emergency doctor who does

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Hasan Sheikh
Feb 21, 2017

How did this sex assault case end up in court?

The case against a native Canadian was weak. It should not have reached court, Margaret Shkimba contends.

Hamilton Spectator | 1 Comment | by Margaret Shkimba
Feb 19, 2017

Robin V. Sears: Trump discovering the insurgent’s eternal challenge

Trump administration never expected to win, until it was too late to stop being outrageous. Now they are the victims of the...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Robin V. Sears
Feb 19, 2017

Penny Collenette: Forget the White House, pay attention to our own House

It was a strong week for Canada on the global stage, but a shocking display of insults and ignorance were not our finest hour...

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment | by Penny Collenette

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