Mike Duffy stands with family outside a Kensington, P.E.I. dog kennel on Friday July 18, 2014.
Jul 19, 2014 | Add Comment | Hamilton Spectator

The Spectator's View: Duffy’s demise leaves a trail of questions

Howard Elliott

How much more damage can the Harper government sustain on the brink of an election?

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Editorial | Jul 19, 2014

The Spectator's View: Public is properly concerned on sex-work law

Opinion poll shows Canadians are making more sense than their government when it comes to dealing with the sex trade

Hamilton Spectator | by Howard Elliott
Columns | Jul 19, 2014

Berton: A lesson from Weird Al

Miscommunication is rampant, and it’s getting worse.

Hamilton Spectator | by Paul Berton
Editorial | Jul 19, 2014

Never cry shark

For a little summer reading, we’d recommend that the brain trust running Bell Media and its Discovery Canada TV channel...

Waterloo Region Record
News | Jul 18, 2014

Likely a year before alleged Bosma killers go to trial: Clairmont

Murder case will skip preliminary hearing

Hamilton Spectator | by Susan Clairmont
Columns | Jul 18, 2014
Ethan Hawke's a cool cat, in more ways than one

Ethan Hawke's a cool cat, in more ways than one

Making one movie for 12 years with the same director would seem strange to almost anybody but Boyhood’s Ethan Hawke

OurWindsor.Ca | by Peter Howell
Columns | Jul 18, 2014
Why Canada’s banks will feel the urge to merge: Olive

Why Canada’s banks will feel the urge to merge: Olive

As they fight to keep growing, our Big Five could become the Big Three

OurWindsor.Ca | by David Olive
Columns | Jul 18, 2014

Joanna Gleason digs into Sensitive Skin

Tony-winning actress plays sister to Kim Cattrall in series debuting on HBO Canada on July 20

OurWindsor.Ca | by Richard Ouzounian
Ticats | Jul 18, 2014
Starts on Friday

Ticats’ best friend right now is their division

The Canadian Football League has always been described as “forgiving” — so many games, so few non-playoff spots — to teams...

Hamilton Spectator | by Steve Milton

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