Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition, set to open TIFF's 40th edition on Sept. 10.
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Cracking the code on TIFF’s big announcements: Knelman

Martin Knelman

What does it mean these days to be an international premiere, a Canadian premiere, or the opening...

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Tories shirk duty on end-of-life debate

After watching his 94-year-old mother deliberately starve herself to death in Waterloo last week, Steve Vogel has every right...

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We cannot tolerate misogynistic heckling

Time for an end to degrading, misogynistic videobombing

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Kathleen Wynne discards pledge to cap compensation of public executives: Goar

Kathleen Wynne looks the other way as Ontario Power Generation forks out $1.5 million for a new boss

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Tories’ economic projections all smoke and mirrors

The Conservative government thinks balanced budgets are all that matter. But even by that narrow standard, it's falling short

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The future of AIDS is up to us

For the first time since the AIDS crisis began, whether the disease thrives or is eradicated depends entirely on what we do...

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Russell Brown

Toronto Star's View: Harper abandons openness with latest nomination to Supreme Court

With the appointment of Justice Russell Brown to the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has abandoned any pretence...

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Olivia Chow and Tom Mulcair

No easy return home for Olivia Chow: Tim Harper

The former MP has an eager and skilled opponent waiting to ruin her homecoming in Liberal Adam Vaughan

OurWindsor.Ca | by Tim Harper
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Robin Phillips led Stratford into a brave new world

British-born artistic director of Stratford Festival changed the way we look at Shakespeare.

Waterloo Region Record | by Richard Ouzounian

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