Parents of children with autism protest the government's decision to cut Intensive behavioural Intervention therapy for children age five and older at...
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D'Amato: Parents of children with autism will not be pushed around again

Luisa D'Amato

Parents lobbied furiously after the Ontario government planned to defund intensive behaviour...

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This Black Girl holds her own against God: review

Natasha Mumba fierce and funny in Shaw Festival's The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God

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World’s 772nd-ranked player a feel-good story for Brits: DiManno

After Brexit and the Euro exit, Marcus Willis is just the tonic at Wimbledon

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Toronto Star's View: EU needs to reform before it breaks up

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As Three Amigos meet, unfinished trade business: Jennifer Wells

Trans-Pacific Partnership has potential to affirm labour rights in a way NAFTA did not

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Joel Blit: The U.K. rejected one of humanity’s greatest achievements

The European Union is a modern miracle that has done so much for humanity, so to see the U.K. leave is a sad setback

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Canada shouldn’t be smug looking at anti-immigrant sentiment of Brexit: Cohn

Whether you blame modern globalism or ancient tribalism, what counts is that you take account of the intolerance

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Brexit fallout gives Canada a peek at what could have happened in 1995: Hébert

Everything that has happened since the United Kingdom vote — and probably more — would have ensued in Canada in the wake of a...

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Canada Day

When love for your country turns ugly

This Friday many of us will pull out all the red we can find in the closet, suit up in the maple leaf and celebrate this fine...

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