While Liberal party operatives were hatching their plans to launch a final $2-million push for corporate cash, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government was...
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Liberals make last dash for cash from business, labour: Cohn

Martin Regg Cohn

The Liberals taketh with one hand, but leave the other hand outstretched — hoping donors will giveth...

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Excuse the PSL and basicness, but it's fall outside: Teitel

A love for all things pumpkin spice is less an ode to capitalism and more a radical rejection of cool.

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Canadians caught in the battle over health care: Hébert

The first full-fledged federal-provincial conversation about Canada’s health system in more than a decade is off to a poor...

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How Tea Party tactics threaten Tories on sex ed: Cohn

The Progressive Conservative Party is home to Ontario’s social conservatives. But it is a marriage of convenience.

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Drake’s YOLO days are running out: Menon

At 30, Drake is on top of his game. But how much longer can Drake keep being Drake?

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Editorial | Oct 22, 2016

The Spectator’s View: Car insurance stumble will burn Liberals

Consumers feel they’re getting less for their money, and that’s another brick in the wall for Kathleen Wynne.

Hamilton Spectator
Columns | Oct 21, 2016

Liberals taking a gamble by reversing election promises: Paul Wells

New Liberal platform includes higher immigration, more foreign investment. It's not what Canadians voted for only a year ago

OurWindsor.Ca | by Paul Wells
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The perils of the government’s promised infrastructure bank: Wells

The Trudeau government hopes to woo international investment funds looking for some kind of return. Any return

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Allies struggle with Trump stance on election results-Image1

Clinton campaign doesn’t show Hillary as a champion for the disadvantaged: Olive

Candidate has missed the chance to position herself as a fighter for the middle- and working-classes

OurWindsor.Ca | by David Olive

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