10 unforgettable memes that made us LOL in 2015
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10 unforgettable memes that made us LOL in 2015

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Thanks to the internet, your social media feeds probably blew up in 2015 with variations of some of these images, hashtags, and jokes. From popular culture to the obscure, here are some of 2015’s most noteworthy and hilarious memes.

10. Hello by Adele

Adele dropped her much anticipated single, “Hello,” in late 2015 and it took the internet all of five seconds to create all sorts of memes about it. Most notably was the connection between Adele’s “Hello” and Lionel Richie’s.

Hello by Adele

9. Americans React to Trudeau

Without getting political, and without choosing sides, one of the most fascinating things that happened after Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister was the reaction some had in the U.S. American ladies were eager to voice their opinions on Canada’s new HOT prime minister. The results were hilarious.


8. Deflategate


7. Pizza Rat

A cellphone quality video of a rat in New York City dragging a slice of pizza was not only hilarious, but relatable. #pizzaratisallofus appeared on social media as people knew that when it comes to pizza, you do what you gotta do. Many memes appeared as a reaction to the original video.

Pizza Rat

6. Left Shark

If the entertainment world wasn’t bizarre enough for you, throw in some backup dancers in shark costumes and see what happens. During Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, the shark on the left side of the screen was dancing to the beat of his own drum and the internet loved him for it.

Left Shark

5. Prattkeeping

One of the summer’s biggest blockbusters was Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World. In one scene Pratt’s character is shown attempting to tame a group of raptors in a position that said, “Keep back!” Zookeepers around the world reacted by posted their own version, calling the phenomenon “Prattkeeping.”

Today's Parent

4. #DeadRaccoonTO

It’s not often that roadkill goes viral. On a hot summer’s day in Toronto one raccoon grabbed the attention of many social media users across the city, including city council member Norm Kelly. Originally posted to point out the city’s slow response to picking the remains of what some were calling “Conrad,” turned into a memorial. Flowers, cards, candles, and a framed photo of a raccoon were laid next to him. It wasn’t till after dark that city staff removed him from the sidewalk, but his memory remained.


3. Drake’s Hotline Bling

Toronto hip hop artist Drake released the single “Hotline Bling” along with a music video that featured the rapper dancing in a strange and awkward way. Many memes were created out of this video, as well as parodies and imitations. Even Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair got in on the fun on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Hotline Bling

2. The Dress

When a photo was innocently posted to the internet asking the question, “what colour is this dress?” the internet erupted. You couldn’t scroll through your Facebook wall without seeing some mentioning of “The Dress.” Is it gold and white? Black and blue? People got angry about it! Those who saw gold and white couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that they were being told it was black and blue. Those who saw black and blue mocked everyone who couldn’t see it.

The Dress

1. Bat Flip

This might not have been the funniest and best meme down south, but it certainly got the attention of Canadians. The Toronto Blue Jays hadn’t made the MLB playoffs in 22 years, so emotions ran high all across the nation as baseball fans and bandwagon jumpers watched the nail-biter games with fingers crossed. In a deciding game versus The Texas Rangers, the Blue Jays were trailing. That is they were trailing until slugger Jose Bautista stepped up to the plate in the seventh inning. This lead to the homerun heard across the country, followed by what social media dubbed the “bat flip.” With intensity and emotion, Bautista flung the bat in a way that sent a clear message to Texas: “This is how it’s done in TO.”

The Batflip

Originally published on Save.ca on January 12, 2016.

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