6 pieces of 20th century technology today's kids...
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6 pieces of 20th century technology today's kids won't appreciate



With each passing year that brings newer and faster consumer electronics, it's easy to forget how amazing the now-obsolete electronics of the 20th century were when they first arrived on the scene.

Here are the top 6 consumer electronics from the last century that today's kids will never appreciate:

The Brownie Box camera


Photo technology has advanced to the point that we can now -- more than 100 years after the Brownie camera was first marketed by Kodak -- make our digital photos look like they're 100 years old. Thanks Instagram!

Rotary phones


Today's kids will never know the torture (or joy, depending on who you ask) of having to dial a phone number with multiple zeros.

Fax machines


Earlier models of the fax machine took up to six minutes to transmit a single page. SIX MINUTES.

VCRs and VHS tapes


Now that most noteworthy (and even completely useless) bits of television are uploaded to YouTube, today's kids will never experience the thrill of capturing live television on their home VCR -- only to be punished after accidentally taping over Sally's ballet recital.



If you had a Walkman, you were living the high life. Before the Walkman and the boombox, portable music meant carrying a musical instrument with you.



Before apps and Angry Birds, you had Gameboy or any of the less successful handheld gaming consoles that followed.

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By Centennial67 | OCTOBER 06, 2015 08:15 AM
you can still buy a dual player at walmart .Both VHS and DVD player combined. HD is only so good if you have to wear glasses to watch anyway...Doesnt matter how good the resolutiion is if you cant see it!
By Yves | SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 10:52 AM
VCR taps can still be bought in some electronics and discount stores. Resolution is 320p which is the same as you get with a standard Rogers cable signal. Good enough for watching most shows and old movies, a little short if you want to watch a hi-def sports game. The VCRs being sold are for under $100 which is less than any repair cost so they aren't worth repairing. They do need a head cleaning from time to time though. Unless one records and plays a ton of tapes, wear and tear really isn't a factor. They can be hooked up to any TV with a cable or RCA input. Most modern TVs have these.
By | SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 08:56 AM
Julie, a few questions What kind of resolution are you getting recording with VCR? Where do you buy new tapes? Do you just record over previous recordings? What kind of TV do you have that hooked up to? Do you have somebody that can fix the VCR is it breaks? Let me know.
By Dan | SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 10:21 PM
A better addition would have been the wind up clock or watch. Imagine having to remember to wind something EVERY day or you wouldn't know what time it was. Now, I don't wear a watch because there are clocks everywhere.
By Milo | SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 03:07 PM
PLENTY of "Gameboy" descendants are still in use. A BETTER item might have been the pager, or PDA.
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