Top 5 lies parents tell their kids
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Top 5 lies parents tell their kids



Parents say the darndest things.

Whether it's to keep their kids in line, or they're just repeating the archaic nuggets of wisdom their parents told them, some of the little white lies parents tell their children are just plain wrong. Here are the top five lies parents tell their kids:

1. "You'll catch a cold if you get caught in the rain"


Why they said it: Probably because their parents told them when they were kids.

FACT: The cold virus gives you a cold. You won't catch a cold by getting caught in the rain or going out with your hair wet unless you get in the face of someone who has a cold. Also, don't do that.


2. "If you keep making funny faces, it will get stuck that way"


Why they said it: They just wanted ONE decent family photo.

FACT: Your face won't get stuck in any way after making a monster face or crossing your eyes. Botox, however, is one way to ensure your face gets stuck on one facial expression for three months.


3. "If you drink your milk, you'll grow big and strong"


Why they said it: They wanted you to have strong bones and teeth. Nothing wrong with that.

FACT: About 60 to 80 per cent of the difference in height between individuals is determined by genetic factors. Only 20 to 40 per cent can be attributed to factors like nutrition.


4. "If you keep sucking your thumb, it will fall off"


Why they said it: They believed that all thumbsucking would lead to dental problems in the future. Also because they had to watch you alternate between putting your hands all over filthy things and putting your thumb in your mouth.

FACT: Kids can suck their thumbs without damaging the alignment of their permanent teeth so long as they're just passively placing the thumb in the mouth. Also, thumbs don't just fall off.


5. "You have to wait an hour after eating before swimming"


Why they said it: The archaic belief that not waiting a sufficient period of time between eating and swimming would cause your limbs to cramp up, which may cause you to drown.

FACT: While it's true that your body diverts blood to your stomach to aid in digestion, humans have plenty of blood to go around, especially to our limbs.


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