Our reactions to death are odd when we all know...
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Dec 29, 2016  |  Vote 0    0

Our reactions to death are odd when we all know we’re mortal

Barrie Advance
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In a few days we say goodbye and good riddance to 2016, and it's welcome relief to finally see the end of a year dominated by the lunacy that was the U.S. campaign for president.

Unfortunately, the media, both legit and fake, social and antisocial, has developed an addiction to Donald Trump, so it is inevitable we will continue to be swamped with reports about his latest wacky or inappropriate tweet. Sigh.

I've had worse years than aught-sixteen and '96 comes to mind, when I spent seven months applying for, and being rejected for dozens of jobs. And the last few months of 2013, watching my late wife Carol deteriorate, were ghastly.

The past 12 months were a cakewalk by comparison.

Travel and loving companionship is still my recommended prescription for happiness and I was lucky enough to visit one of nature's seven wonders, the Grand Canyon, with another wonder, my new wife, Shirley.

I encourage you to travel when you can, before you can't, and if you don't know where to go, remember all roads lead somewhere. A road trip, whether it's 30 kilometres or 3,000 kms, ranks high on my list of boffo things to do.

If you think 2016 was generally nasty, imagine how horrid it must have been for all those celebrities who took their last breath, everyone from David Bowie to Leonard Cohen, Patty Duke to Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali to Arnold Palmer. We lost dozens of our idols and I am constantly amazed how people react to death when it's pretty common knowledge that none of us get out of here alive.

And death seems an appropriate topic from which to segue onto another subject that has attracted my interest, Ontario's health cards.

Can anyone explain why our health cards carry an expiry date? Am I wrong in thinking that the only time your health card should expire is on the day you cash in all your chips?

My current health card contains my atrocious mug shot, my birth date, my organ donor status, and an expiry date 11 months from now. What it should contain is information relevant to my health such as blood type, allergies, previous surgeries and any diseases I have which could impact my personal expiry date. All of this could be encoded on the card, accessible with a simple scan.

It is perhaps wishful thinking that the government could develop something truly useful without wasting millions. Sigh.

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