Tusk flip-flps between bad comedy and dumb horror:...
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Tusk flip-flps between bad comedy and dumb horror: review



1.5/4 Stars

Starring Jason Long, Michael Parks, Johnny Depp, Génesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment. Written and directed by Kevin Smith. In limited release. 102 minutes. 14A

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Wrapped in his armor of fanboy sycophancy, it’s hardly surprising that Kevin Smith would be unable to see the folly of his second attempt at horror following the more conventional Red State.

Neither fish nor fowl in its ludicrous tale of an arrogant Yankee podcaster (Jason Long) being turned into a walrus by a deranged Canuck seafarer (Red State’s Michael Parks), Smith’s Midnight Madness misfire flip-flops between bad comedy and dumb horror.

A Manitoba setting gives Smith license (he thinks) to indulge in the hoariest of Canadian jokes, stuff that wouldn’t have made it past a first draft of a Bob and Doug McKenzie goof on 1980s SCTV. (Can we knock it off with the “aboot” stuff, already? Sheesh.)

The horror might have worked if Smith kept it to one good reveal of the Frankenwalrus, which actually is pretty creepy. But “excess” is Smith’s middle name, so the show goes on . . . and on.

An unbilled Johnny Depp enters the scene late in the film, playing a glazed Quebec cop on the trail of Park’s vile Howard Howe (no relation to Gordie). It’s just a waste of talent added to a waste of time.

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