8 crafting hacks that will keep you organized
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8 crafting hacks that will keep you organized


Whether you're a novice or an expert at home crafts, these organizational hacks will save you time, money and perhaps your sanity.


When your hands have cramped up and it is time to put the yarn down, adding wine corks at the end of your needles will keep your work in place. You no longer have to worry that all your hard work will slide off and get tangled now that you have a cork barrier. Bonus, you get to drink two bottles of wine.

Another tip for knitters is keeping yarn from getting tangled in a large ball.  Many people opt for yarn bowls, which can come with a hefty price tag, but other options are available at a fraction of the cost. A regular bowl with a binder clip affixed to the side is an easy option. Just place the yarn in the bowl and thread the string through the arms of the binder clip.

If you don’t have binder clips at home, a colander will also do the trick. Again, place the yarn in a clean, dry colander and thread the string through a hole. If you are looking for a prettier and more creative option, try the tea kettle. In a clean, dry kettle place a ball of yarn inside and string the yarn through the spout. If you don’t have a pretty porcelain kettle at home, check your grandmother’s house or a local flea market where you are likely to find an inexpensive one.


Hooks are usually made from steel, bamboo, wood or plastic. No matter the material, they are always hard on the fingers and cause callouses. But there is relief for avid hookers! Head to your local dollar store and pick up some pencil grips. Most grips will fit tightly around larger hooks, but for those with a small diameter, you may have to custom fit your pencil grip using a utility knife and crazy glue.


Yarn isn’t the only material that gets tangled -- ribbon has also been known to get into a fine jumble. You can place several spools of ribbon on a paper towel holder. This organizational hack is simple and very portable — just stack your ribbon and tuck the holder into a closet or onto a shelf until it is needed.

Ribbon is also known for getting creased and folded. If you don’t want to pull out your iron and ironing board, there is a simpler way to smooth out ribbon. Just run the strand along a warm light bulb. Turn on your lamp and allow the bulb to heat up; slowly and with some pressure, run the length of ribbon along the bulb and watch any folds disappear.

Glitter, beads and sequins

Adding glitter and beads to any project really ups the sparkle factor, but the mess will have you pulling out your hair. In the event of a dreaded glitter spill, a lint roller will quickly pick up the microscopic bits that would be painful to pick up.

Before mess strikes, storage is key to keeping your crafts in order. Ice cube trays make perfect dividers for beads and sequins. Trays with lids are especially handy and they tuck neatly into small spaces.


Sturdy, reliable scissors don’t come cheap, so tossing them out when they dull is a sharp pain in the backside. Even whetstone, which will remove the dull edge from scissors, is expensive. Instead, tear a large strip of aluminum foil, fold it and cut into it. Sandpaper will also do the trick.

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