Five of Canada's most lucrative part-time jobs
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Five of Canada's most lucrative part-time jobs

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Perhaps your hours are being axed at work or you are looking to ease your way back into the working world. No matter the impetus for seeking part-time work, it is important to remember not all casual positions are created equally.

For many people, the idea of part-time work suggests odd hours and meager pay, but that isn’t always the case.

Here are Canada’s most lucrative part-time jobs:



This isn’t the type of job where you can just walk in off the street and land a position, but if you have the right education, you can earn anywhere from $20-$150 per hour. Designers with a strong portfolio can bring in as much as $15,000 a month, according to Josh Lindenmuth, CIO with payroll company Payce Inc.



In a country with two official languages, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that translators can fetch a handsome wage on the side. Translators are paid approximately $24 per hour or as high as $34 per hour in Quebec.

French language speakers are obviously in demand, but if you can speak Arabic or Danish, your competition won’t be as cutthroat.



If working long, late hours and being on your feet for extended stretches doesn’t scare you off, both bartending and serving can pad your bank account handsomely. If you can land a gig in a reputable establishment, the standard low base rate can quickly turn into $20-plus when you factor in tips.

Muddling the perfect mojito might be a pain in the backside on a busy night, but it isn’t unusual for bartenders to bring in $1000 in three nights.



If you fancy yourself a bit of a brainiac, flex that cerebral muscle and start earning some cash. Private tutors can charge from $25 per hour to as much as $50 for particularly demanding university level courses. According to Glassdoor, tutors at Sylvan Learning Centres earn  $15-$16 an hour, less than private tutors but more than minimum wage.

The job also offers the opportunity to help someone who is struggling, and that is priceless.


Fitness Instructor

Working out has a number of benefits — when you exercise you become more energetic, your disposition improves and it can also boost your confidence. Exercise helps with insomnia and depression as well. Throw in a handsome hourly wage and it is really a great way to make extra cash.

According to Payscale, fitness instructors can earn approximately $20 per hour. Private instructors can earn anywhere between $30-$100 an hour.


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