Seven perennials with a long bloom
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Seven perennials with a long bloom


For William Shakespeare, the name of the flower didn’t account for its beautiful scent, but when it comes to a long-lasting bloom, the name indeed matters.

Here are seven perennials that will keep your garden looking as dramatic as a staging of Othello at the Globe.

Peruvian lily

The Peruvian lily is a bright bloom that comes in yellow, orange and some hybrids produce a keep purple colour with dark flecks. This tall growing flower will continually produce shoots as long as the soil doesn’t get too hot.

      Pro tip: plant in large, sunny spaces and watch them spread


This tough perennial is often referred to as having nine lives. It can withstand heat and drought, and if trimmed back by half when the bloom begins to fade, this lavender-blue flower that grows low to the ground will rebloom.

      Pro tip: this aggressive grower can be planted in the spring and will bloom throughout the summer and fall months


The delicate blue flowers of the forget-me-not also come in pink and white, but the blue tends to be preferred colour. The tiny flowers of the forget-me-not will bloom in the spring and continue to flower throughout the season and into the summer.

      Pro tip: even during the hot summer months, forget-me-nots will thrive in lightly shaded areas with extra moisture


This fragrant flower, a part of the mint family, has 39 different species that can keep your garden in bloom for extended periods. English lavender is the most fragrant, while the deep colour of Spanish lavender really pops in a garden.

      Pro tip: prevent root rot by avoiding heavy soils like clay, or add gravel to improve drainage

Jerusalem sage

The tall-stemmed, yellow flower of the Jerusalem sage will bloom in late spring through to mid-summer. The shrub can grow to four feet tall and should be pruned back by half each fall to keep the plant compact.

      Pro tip: this flower can flourish in either full sunlight or moderate shade

Gloriosa daisy

The Gloriosa daisy, also known as the Black-eyed Susan, can reach heights of two to four feet and spread one and a half feet wide. This vibrant flower thrives in cooler temperatures and will emerge every seven to 10 days once in bloom.

      Pro tip: deadhead the plants throughout the season to prolong bloom period

Pineapple sage

This flowering herb makes an appearance in the spring, but doesn’t flower until fall. Some gardeners see this late-flowering plant as a drawback, but if uprooted before the temperatures begin to drop, pineapple sage will bloom for a long time while in a sun-filled room. In the outdoors in warmer climates, the plant will show its flowers in September and continue to bloom until November.

      Pro tip: this large flowering herb imparts a lovely pineapple scent and is not particularly prone to insect infections

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