Going back to basics for a better wardrobe
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Going back to basics for a better wardrobe


Thirty-three — it is arsenic's atomic number; it is the number of vertebrae in a human spine; and it is the year and age Jesus was crucified. It is also the number to use when building your wardrobe.

It may sound impossible, but limiting your wardrobe to 33 items will simplify your cleaning and morning routines. According to Courtney Carver, creator of Project 333, you can reduce your closet to 33 items of clothing, including shoes, outerwear and accessories and swap them out for a different 33 items every three months, or if you are feeling truly adventurous, twice a year —spring/summer and fall/winter.

 The premise of the project may sound unreasonable, but once laid out, 33 items is abundant. This number does not include pyjamas and workout clothing — unless you wear yoga pants to shop, then those pants become a part of your 33 item capsule.

Assuming you will rotate this capsule twice annually, start by selecting a fall/winter wardrobe. Your armoire should include seven tops (a mix of blouses and cardigans), four dresses and three skirts that are work appropriate, three pairs of pants (including jeans), three sweaters, two weather suitable jackets, one hat, one pair of gloves, three pairs of shoes and six accessories. An accessory is an item like jewelry and purses.

When compiling your wardrobe capsule, make sure all the items complement one another by style and colour. Adding an item with a bold pattern or colour can limit what you wear it with, thus reducing the possible number of outfits you can create. After you have selected your 33 items, pack up the remainder of your wardrobe and store it in a dry and odourless location.

There are a number of different reasons why this attire capsule is effective, for starters, the time you spend trying to figure out what to wear in the morning is hacked merely by reducing options. Admittedly, how often do you try on various outfits and then end up gravitating toward your “go-to” black pants or pencil skirt?

Another advantage a wardrobe capsule offers is a clutter free closet. If you open your overstuffed, disordered closet every morning, you are starting your day with chaos. You don’t want a jumbled head leading you into your day.

After several rotations of your attire, you will begin to notice what clothes you favour and which clothes never make it into the cycle. It will change the way you shop, spend money and give you a clear head when it comes to getting rid of items that look great on the hanger, but never make it out of the closet.

Lastly, Project 333’s creator has admitted that the number 33 is random, but in her experiment it was a good base for creating a diverse but not overwhelming wardrobe. If that number is intimidatingly low, try adding five more items. The success of the project is based on consistency and minimizing. It isn’t required that you ditch all your clothes, but in time, you may recognize what you need and what you don’t.

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