How many calories are in that drink?
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How many calories are in that drink?


Interested in some crazy high-calorie drinks?
Long Island iced tea (8 oz) - 780 calories
Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (16 oz with whipped cream) - 440 calories
Panera Bread Frozen Caramel (16 oz) - 600 calories
Burger King Chocolate Shake(Large - 30 oz) - 1110 calories
Orange Julias Tripleberry (Large) - 952 calories

When you are trying to watch your caloric intake, it can be easy to forget about the liquids you consume as being a part of that calorie count.

In fact, if you drink too much juice, smoothies, even healthy drinks, they have calories and need to be included in your count.

It goes without saying that alcoholic drinks, whether wine, beer or liquor, have calories, but it may be surprising how many calories exist in non-alcoholic beverages.

All natural juices and fresh smoothies made with no sugar additives have some vitamins, minerals and nutritional benefits, but they still have calories that you have to add to your daily total to ensure you are not going overboard.

One 12 oz glass of unsweetened orange juice, for example, has about 150 to 170 calories. If it is a juice from concentrate, or one of those store-bought smoothies in a carton, it can be 250 calories or more.

Similarly, an 12 oz glass of skim milk only has 125 calories, but if you are adding that to cereal that also has sugar, you are adding to the caloric count. How much depends on what type of cereal you are eating. Whole milk will add 220 calories to your count.

To put it into perspective, a 12 oz beer has about 155 calories. If you have three cans of beer, that is equal to about 460 calories, a quarter of an average person's daily allotted calories.

A glass of champagne can have about 90 calories per glass, and two glasses would be the equivalent of having two regular-sized cookies. Red wine is similar containing about 100 calories per glass, and white wine scores in with a bit less with just over 80 calories per glass.

If you enjoy dark spirits like whisky, rye or rum, with mix, you are drinking about 106 calories per drink. If you have three or more, you are drinking the equivalent of an entire meal of calories. Lighter spirits such as gin or vodka fare better, containing about 96 calories per glass, but again, if you drink several, it's like having an extra dessert or two after dinner.

The best thing you can drink with every meal is water. Water is good for you in so many ways and the best part is it has no calories!

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