Why would you wear this? Crazy workout gear that...
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Why would you wear this? Crazy workout gear that sports companies offer


Choosing the right workout wear
  • Breathable synthetic fabrics will keep sweat away from your body and keep it cooler
  • Cotton absorbs sweat making your clothes feel heavy and wet as you exercise
  • Avoid fabrics that don't breath (rubber or plastic based)
  • Whatever the workout, choose clothes that won't get in the way
  • Source: Livestrong


    The workout world is a world all its own. Much like the food and fashion industries, there are always new things to try and new trends that claim to be the latest and greatest thing.

    With workout gear it's about having the shoes and clothes to support your activity. For example, if you are a runner you need running shoes for different weather conditions and terrains, and you need clothing that has breath-ability, flexibility while keeping your safe from the elements, whether cold or warm temperatures.

    Sportswear manufacturers are in competition with one another, just as other industries are, and so they are always coming up with new styles of active wear that are both fashionable and functional. However, just like some fashion trends, you can find yourself wondering, 'What were they thinking?'

    Nike is one of the most prestigious and popular sportswear brands in the world, but they caused quite a stir when they released their skeleton look-alike-style workout pants last year. Another questionable selection they offered MC Hammer style yoga pants.

    But perhaps their weirdest offer is the Nike skapris, which are capri running pants with a miniskirt attached to the top. It looks like a tennis outfit gone wrong, but maybe perfect for Serena Williams?

    Rafaela Salvadori created a workout bodysuit that boasts a leopard print in hues of blues and pink. It is just past the knee length-wise, but perhaps the worst thing about it, (besides the $140.00 price tag), is that it's a one-shoulder number with peek-a-boo cleavage.

    Without Walls stays true to their company name with some of their yoga-wear creations. Notably, their yoga romper that looks more like an outfit you may wear for your partner in the bedroom. Everything is skin-tight, and not only are the shorts barely covering the buttocks, but the back of the top looks like a bathing suit, complete with a peek-a-boo back.

    Adidas is a popular sportswear company, and Stella McCartney makes vegan fashion fabulous. However, something went wrong when McCartney created the yoga shell jumpsuit. It is pale grey and looks like a cross between a potato sack and a prison jumpsuit. All for $250 USD.

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