Top New Year’s resolutions that people find hard...
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Top New Year’s resolutions that people find hard to keep


Some popular resolutions
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Work less
  • Exercise more

  • Some strange resolutions

  • "New Years resolution to stop crashing my car has failed miserably" - @LibertyDawson
  • "Good news, my New Years Resolution of "stop procrastinating" starts today." - @comedytodd
  • "Doing great on my New Years resolution to watch more TV. #ParksandRec was the best possible choice, just watched Ben & Leslie wedding :-)" - @spudsoup
  • "My New Years resolution is to say a curse word in front of my parents. Like a man." - @JohnMilhiser

  • OurWindsor.Ca

    With each New Year comes the promise to oneself to be better at this or do less of that, whatever goals or resolutions the individual thinks they need to set to improve their lives.

    Some of the most popular resolutions that never seem to change are to quit smoking, lose weight, spend more time with loved ones, work less, and exercise more. In recent years, new resolutions added to the list are getting out of debt, travel more and spend more time unplugged from technology, and de-stress and slow down.

    According to a 2015 Ipsos Reid Poll, 32% of Canadians will make a resolution focusing on health and fitness goals.

    However, like all good intentions and ideas, they won't happen unless there is sufficient motivation and action to back it up, and this is why most people forget about their New Year's resolutions come February. Virgin Mobile Canada conducted a survey and found 51% of Canadians make New Year's resolutions but of those - 52% fail to make it out of of the month of January without loosing the battle to temptation. 19% don't make it past the first 24 hours.

    The reason why these things are so hard to keep is simple: If you didn't have the motivation or reason to spearhead these changes for yourself during the year, a calendar change isn't going to magically provide it for you.

    However, the good news is you don't need a new calendar year to get started; you can start fulfilling your ideas of what would make a better you anytime you want, without pressure and the often unrealistic pressures that comes along every new year.

    Some suggestions to set and meet goals are to first, set realistic goals that align with what you are capable of dedicating time to. If it's getting healthy, for example, make the time to participate in physical activity at least three times a week for 20 minutes. If it's eating better, stop eating fast food.

    Another important tip is do what works for you. Do not try to keep popular goals or ones that don't align with your lifestyle because others are doing it. You have to want it for yourself, and the only way to do that is by being truthful to yourself, pick the most important ones for you, and be kind to yourself in the process.

    Many people set themselves up for failure because they don't plan or set realistic goals. They also set unrealistic 'end dates' for their goals, and when they aren't met they become discouraged and give up. Being kind to yourself means you keep the negative pressure off, while staying positive by maintaining slow, but steady progress.

    So what percentage of people last the year not breaking their resolutions? An amazing 19%.

    How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions? Use the commenting section below to tell us about your resolutions. Are you still going strong or were you one of those that didn't make it past the first 24 hours...?

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