Series: All about the Atkins diet
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Series: All about the Atkins diet


If you are looking for a diet that is strictly used for weight loss, you may consider the Atkins diet.

This diet is high in protein and fats, but low in carbohydrates with the idea that is you cut your carb intake you will burn fat faster and experience rapid weight loss. The claim is that even after just a few days your clothes will fit better.

Another claim of this diet is that the way it’s constructed is that you will never feel hungry and this is because you are still eating several meals a day, every two to three hours. Also, because of the foods you eat, you don’t have to exercise to assist in your weight loss.

The final stage of how this diet works is once you start reaching your weight loss goals, you can begin to introduce starchy veggies, fruits and whole grain foods back into your diet. It claims to be simple, fast and efficient in helping you obtain your weight loss goals.

However, like all things, weight loss is not that easy and there are those who claim that the diet is unhealthy and ineffective for keeping weight off for the long term. Also, cutting things out of your diet completely is never a good idea.

For example, cutting carbohydrates means you are depriving your body of energy and may force your body to go into ketosis, and adding additional burden on your kidneys. Also, fruits and vegetables provide a plethora of essential vitamins and nutrients and without them, it could lead to deficiencies.

Other side effects that have been reported by Atkins dieters are constipation, bad breath and dehydration.

Also, it can be difficult to account for every gram of carbohydrate intake, which isn’t an easy task especially if you are dining out. And unfortunately, those who return to eating carbs report that they have regained all the weight back that they had lost, sometimes even more so.

Add all this to the statement that exercise is not required makes this diet red-flagged for those who are proponent of a healthy balanced lifestyle. That said, many people have had success with this diet and would recommend it to others.

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