Windsor Profile: Expecting the unexpected with...
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Windsor Profile: Expecting the unexpected with Hypnotist JimmyG


Name: Jimmy "JimmyG" Graham

Date of birth: December 15, 1967

Place of birth: Orillia, Ontario

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario

Career: Professional Entertainer, Success Coach, Author

Education: Trained and certified in hypnosis by Master Hypnotist Attila J. Khun

Certified by the Stage Hypnosis Center (Las Vegas), the Alberta Hypnosis Institute and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute.


For over 30 years, hypnotist Jimmy "JimmyG" Graham has made people laugh, made them believe they are something they are not and motivated them to success.

He writes his own material, performs mass hypnosis sessions and turns skeptic into believers.

These days, he's busy performing over 70 hypnotic comedy shows a year and growing his brand as a success coach. Graham recently spoke with OurWindsor about his stage show, hypnotherapy and creating a successful life.

OurWindsor: Can you briefly explain what hypnosis is and how you use it on stage?

Jimmy Graham: Hypnosis is a natural state we all go through. People daydream many times a day, which is close to the state of being hypnotized. My goal is to educate people on how to use your mind to improve your life.

For the stage show, I introduce what will happen, ask for volunteers and lead the audience through to a trance. Those that respond the best are part of the show.

OW: What draws you to hypnotism?

JG: My mission for doing the entertainment shows is to demonstrate the power of the mind and how people can create a successful life.

OW: Which takes more of your time, your entertainment shows or the hypnotherapy?

JG: The marketing part of the businesses takes most of my time.

OW: Is anything off limits in your act?

JG: Yes, I don't do X-rated shows. There is no sexual stuff, it is a totally clean show.

OW: What types of people are best for your shows?

JG: Anybody that's willing. Most people say they can't be hypnotized, but everyone can be. The ones willing to be led into the daydream state go into hypnosis the best.

OW: How do you prepare your audiences?

JG: With a pre-talk. I explain how the show will progress and it prepares the audience.

OW: Who are your audiences?

JG: My clients are fundraising organizations, corporate events and schools and fairs.

OW: What is the worst thing that has happened to you on stage?

JG: Nothing bad has happened, but often the unexpected happens. Recently, I had a guy believing he was a sumo wrestler, and I asked him to show his best move. He had a big belly, and he turned and belly bumped me and sent me flying.

OW: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

JG: Hearing people laugh and have them forget about their trouble for 90 minutes. That is the most rewarding part of my job.

OW: What is the secret to your success?

JG: Persistence. Your always selling, always marketing, always working hard to find new audiences.

THIS OR THAT with Hypnotist Jimmy Graham:

Hypnotising skeptics or the open-minded: Skeptics.  People believe that they can't be hypnotized but everyone can be.

Twitter or Facebook: Neither, they are necessary evil

Windsor-Detroit Tunnel or Ambassador Bridge: Ambassador Bridge

Jazz or Rock n Roll: Rock and Roll

Entertainment hypnotist or hypnotherapy: Entertainment for the laughs, hypnotherapy to create success in life

Early riser or nightowl: Both

Beer or Wine: Red wine in one had, Coors in the other

Cat or dog: Cat

Book or e-reader: Book

Vacation or Staycation: Vacation

Performing a show for high schoolers or in a nightclub: I do not do bar shows. Drunks and hypnotism do go together.

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