Remix your favourite baked goods with these...
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Remix your favourite baked goods with these healthier ingredients


With more people looking to be health conscious than ever before, there is a push to "remix" the desserts we all love with healthier ingredients.

This goal has led to a boom in classic dessert recipes made with healthy alternatives to lower the sugar and fat content, add healthy nutrients, all without compromising on taste.

Here are a few of healthy ingredient substitutes you can use in your baked goods:

A hint of sweetness

Instead of granulated white sugar, try using agave syrup or brown sugar for that touch of sweetness. You will never miss the sugar, and the sweetness you crave is in a healthier form. Also, you can try adding vanilla extract for even more flavour while cutting your sugar intake in half.

Better without butter?

Butter or margarine is a staple ingredient in many baked treats, but if you want the same smooth texture with a boost of good healthy fats, try using avocado instead. You can also use mashed bananas or black beans. For extra moisture and sweetness in any of your baked goods, a great tip is to used pureed fruits like apples or mixed fruits for even more taste.

Get cracking

If you need to use eggs in your recipe, try only using the whites or an egg substitute. Your dessert may not be as rich, but you can easily cut the cholesterol content by ditching the egg yolks. In certain instances, you can sub out eggs for fat free Greek yogurt or sour cream.

Hold the fat

Cream or whole milk are other ingredients often used in custard and cake desserts. Instead of using whole cream, try using fat-free half-and-half or evaporated skim milk. If your recipe calls for cream cheese, try using a fat-free version or better yet, a vegan cheese version or pureed cottage cheese.

No-flour power

Flour is another main component of many dessert recipes, but there are several flour-less recipes out there as well. But if your recipe absolutely needs flour, avoid white flour and instead opt for the whole wheat variety. Also, black bean flour is becoming more popular as a flour substitute. It’s loaded with protein and won’t compromise the taste of your dessert.

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