The long journey from seed to your coffee mug
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The long journey from seed to your coffee mug


Jordan Harlow, general manager of I Luv Coffee, outlines the long process that begins with a seed and ends with your morning cuppa joe:

1. Planting and harvesting: Coffee beans are seeds, and they grow from trees. There amount of coffee tree breeds is actually very limited and the coffee beans' taste varies due to different growing conditions. Since I Luv Coffee is an organic company, Harlow uses farms who pick the beans by hand.

2. Processing: This is the act of removing the layers around the bean, revealing one remaining ‘parchment layer’, continuing to dry them out before they are prepared for transport.

3. Milling: This is a process of perfecting the beans for sellers, which includes hulling the last parchment layer, grading and sorting the beans, as well as tossing out any that are damaged.

4. Export: This is where I Luv Coffee Brand would pick up the beans. They are now referred to as ‘green beans’, although the colours vary from green to brown.

5. Roasting: Although Harlow takes a few more steps to make sure the beans are perfect, this is the next step for most coffee beans. Harlow says that a lot of the flavour we recognize comes from the roasting process. Regular, dark roast and espressos are all determined just by how the beans are roasted.

6. Grinding and brewing: Harlow recommends not grinding the coffee until the beans are being used, along with brewing at an appropriate temperature for the beans that are being used.

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