7 of the scariest haunts in Ontario
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7 of the scariest haunts in Ontario

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If you like horror movies, scaring your friends, walking through the woods at night by yourself... than you are going to want to check out these haunted destinations. Below are some of the scariest haunted houses, barns, factories and woods in Ontario. Think you can get through these courses without chickening out? Or perhaps you have? We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments section or suggest ones we may have missed. We can always add more to the list.

1. Nightmares Fear Factory

5631 Victoria Ave
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Nightmares Fear Factory is known for their hidden camera photos – capturing participants in their moments of absolute terror. Almost 130,000 people have chickened out – that is bailed at some point before finishing the walk through the Fear Factory. Nightmares Fear Factory is open year round but is a great place to venture to if looking for some Halloween fear. This two-time Niagara Falls Attraction of the Year is a great place for mature thrill seekers - mature meaning don’t try to drag your 3-year-old through this unless you want them sleeping with you until they go to college. This also makes for a great date night.


2. Fear Farm

Snyder’s Family Farm
Ayr, Ontario (15 minutes from Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo)

Located on a 100-acre farm this is worth the drive to the Tri-City area. There are a few options at this farm. Dr. Fear's Hayride will take you across 50-acres and deep in to the woods to meet Dr. Fear. Condemned Farmstead challenges you to walk through the fields. The darkness will start to play tricks with your mind - you may see and hear things that aren't really there - or perhaps there is something there. The Hiller House is a full 2,500 sq.ft haunted house. The FAQs on the site indicate that you should not attempt any of these attractions if you are pregnant, have heart or respiratory issues, suffer from claustrophobia, are prone to seizures or have back problems.


3. Haunt Manor - Hayrides & Haunted Houses

9387 Lundy's Lane 
Niagara Falls, Ontario

There is a lot to do at this attraction including watching Edward Stone, an illusionist and mentalist. During an episode of Canada's Got Talent, Martin Short stated it's "utterly confusing as to what happened and how you did that." In addition to the Theatre Stage are 4 other serious attractions. Choose between the 3D Freak House, the Haunted Trail & Corn Maze, the Backwoods Slaughter House, the Witch Cavern Hayride, Eerle Acres Asylum haunted house, The Curse haunted house, the Night Feast haunted house and the Chambers of Terror haunted house. Or do them all.  According to the website, "the house is over 200 years old and has been said to be haunted by Samuel "Sam" Pew and his two daughters and son whom mysteriously died within several years after the war" (War of 1812)


4. Halloween Haunt - Canada's Wonderland

9580 Jane Street
Vaughan, Ontario

One thing Canada's Wonderland does well is theatrics. The haunting starts at 7 p.m. and runs until Midnight. During this time over 700 zombies are unleashed to the park in "scare zones". Zombies don't scare you? How about clowns? Attractions are for those 13 and up so you know this is no joke. In addition to the "scare zones" there are 10 haunted mazes and a new exhibit called Zombies 4D. Zombies 4D involves a climb up the side of Wonder Mountain and then a steep decline in to zombie territory. There is a gaming as riders compete against each other in order to escape.


5. Fright Fest Nights

Saunders Farm
7893 Bleeks Road in Munster
Ottawa, Ontario

Fright Fest is located in the Eastern part of Ottawa and is a great place to head if you like to have the **** scared out of you. Saunders Farm has used a rating system to let visitors know how scary the attractions are:

2 Chainsaws = unpleasant; MYSTERIOUS, UNCOMFORTABLE

3 chainsaws = alarming; shocking, TERROR

4 chainsaws = EXTREME, frightful; causing intense fear

It has 5 fright sites: The Shambles (4 Chainsaws), Barn of Terror (3 Chainsaws), Camp Slaughter (3 Chainsaws), Haunted Hayride (3 Chainsaws), and Graveyard Zone (2 Chainsaws). Sounds like an episode of Friday the 13th mixed with a little Nightmare on Elm Street. If you are hungry after all the scares there are many of food stops though we recommend eating after going through the frights. Thirsty? Visit The Tipsy Tombstone Tavern - you may want to visit that one before the thrills.


6. Fort Fright

1 Fort Henry Drive
Kingston, Ontario
Fort Fright Website

Frightful nights at Fort Henry’s Fort Fright is back again and has been updated with tighter corners, darker areas and more live ghouls! This destination is open on select nights till November 1st with new locations, new technology and new scares. The setting is the 19th century military fortress of Fort Henry with impressive presentations including Hollywood-style animatronics, eerie sound and light effects, 3-D wall projections and this year some of the attractions have a smell factor that will leave you haunted. Other new displays include ‘Kannibal Kyle’ with his own special room of horrors. And you can top off your tour with a Coffin Ride. Who wouldn't want to ride in a coffin? Fort Fright also has SAFE PASS options for those of you who just can't handle the scare... or are a bit younger.


7. Scarehouse Windsor

7654 Tecumseh Rd East (Beside Goodlife Fitness)
Windsor, Ontario

Windsor Ontario is worth the drive... this is one scary attraction. Walking through almost pitch black corridors all you can do is rely on your sense of hearing. The theme is little children and realistically nothing is more frightening than creepy children - especially when they are supposed to be dead. This attraction is open until the end of October and has a covered area outside so if it is raining - you stay dry. The horror movie Scarehouse was filmed on this location.

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