5 garden tools every homeowner should have
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5 garden tools every homeowner should have


Maintaining a house, inside and out, all year round can be a difficult, yet rewarding task.

Whether you're a novice gardener, or a certified green thumb, there are some must-have garden tools every homeowner needs to keep the outdoor spaces around the house looking nice and tidy.

1. Weeders

Used to dig out weeds individually, a hand weeder is a thin, long tool that has two triangular teeth at the bottom. This tool allows you to get deep under the surface to extract weeds at the root.

For larger jobs, try a full-length weeder that you can use to easily extract weeds. These are great tools because you simply place the bottom of the weeder on the weed, push down with your foot and then you lift a lever on the side without having to squat down. The weed and the root will pop out. There is no strain on your back and it is great for larger lawns.

2. Pruners

It's best to invest in both a small hand pruner, and a larger one. The small one is ideal for pruning off dead flowers, small branches and vines, while the larger one is ideal for larger branches of trees, which should be pruned once a year. 

3. Trowel of shovel

A garden trowel is another must-have, and is ideal for digging holes in your flower or vegetable garden, planting bulbs, or for weeding your garden (those pesky smaller weeds that never seem to go away). A regular sized shovel can also be used for turning soil, digging larger holes to plant trees and for shoveling compost or fertilizer.

4. Garden hoe

A hoe is also an essential, especially at the beginning of the gardening season when you want to do a thorough cleaning of your garden before planting. It looks like a shovel but is straight at the bottom, not curved. Hoes are also good for straight-edging your lawn or outlining your garden beds.

5. Rake

No garden shed is complete without a rake. You need it for leaves, grass clippings, spreading compost and a number of other maintenance duties.

These are the staple tools that every gardener and homeowner should have. While there are many others, these five will get the daily essential lawn and garden tasks done properly and with ease.

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