The benefits to having raised garden beds
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The benefits to having raised garden beds


There is nothing more satisfying than planting your own garden and being able to reap the rewards once they’re ready to eat.

One of the newer garden trends is having raised garden beds. Simply put, they are boxed-in gardens, usually bordered by wood, and raised off the ground as opposed to being level and beneath ground.

You may wonder what the difference is, or what the benefits are to having a raised garden versus a traditional one, and the truth is there are several.

First, it’s easier to dedicate one box per a few different crops that prefer the same type of soil type, or need similar amount of watering or sunlight. This way, you can ensure you are not over-watering some plants, while under-watering others and they get the ideal amount of sun exposure.

You can also dedicate raised gardens specific to vegetables that will be ready at the same time. This way, if you have four boxes for example, there will always be one box with veggies that are ready to be picked.

Because raised gardens are above ground and have borders, it’s easier to keep pests out. They also have great water drainage (because they are usually slatted with some type of semi-permeable cloth underneath) and help to prevent your soil from being washed away during heavy storms.

Another benefit is for those who find tending to their ground gardens physically challenging. Because the boxes are raised, and if you build sturdy enough borders, you can sit on them while tending, watering and weeding, and avoiding having to bend over and incur back strain.

There are many different types of raised garden beds you can either buy or create. Check them out online or visit your local nursery for more details.

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