Great home workouts
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Great home workouts


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Whether your day was spent managing your office or managing your home, finding the time to also hit the gym can be difficult. With a little creativity, effort and some room, you can turn any spare time at home into a great workout. If buying a gym membership or an expensive home gym isn't for you, read on!

Mundane home chores can be turned into an effective workout. Any work around the house counts as physical activity, but by changing how you do your chores can increase your calorie burn and muscle growth.

Picking up clothing or other items from the floor is a great opportunity to work your legs. Instead of just bending over, try squatting with your back straight, hold that position then stand back up. While cooking, cutting the grass, sweeping or raking, listening to up-tempo music will help increase your own tempo, increasing your calorie burn! Curious about how many calories you can burn per home activity? Click here for the chart.

If combining chores and working out isn't for you, take breaks throughout the day for your own physical wellbeing. A good 10-15 minute workout is a great way to get into better shape quickly. Stair climbing, simple squats and deep lunges can step your way to a toned lower body and improved cardio. Grab a padded exercise mat for some push-ups and crunches to work your core and upper body. Don't have a set of dumbbells? Arm curls using a thick book, weighty tools or even bungee cords can be an effective alternative.

If you are looking for more great ideas, there are a number of free apps available to help you turn any break into a great workout and Youtube is packed with videos on how to get fit at home.

Congratulations on taking an interest in getting into better shape. Being able to work out at home will save you time and money. Regardless of how you do it, always be sure to stretch and warm up before any intense workout, and good luck achieving your fitness goals!

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