Walkerville-area gains new champion in activist...
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Nov 27, 2012  |  Vote 0    0

Walkerville-area gains new champion in activist Green


The suburbs are just fine for some people. Rest assured, Windsorite, environmental champion and social activist Steve Green is not among them.

“When I first moved to Windsor about eight years ago, we needed a place immediately and moved into the outskirts of the Walker Road and Provincial area,” explained Green to OurWindsor.ca. “Everything was just cookie-cutter everywhere you went. I felt so disconnected from my community and downtown. We’ve just moved downtown into the Walkerville area and I really want to be part of positive change.

“I figure if I don’t personally get involved with that change, then there’s no cause for me to speaking of it. You have to help make it happen.”

Part of that change begins tonight, with Green speaking at the Olde Walkerville Residents Association Annual General Meeting at 7 p.m. at the Walkerville Brewery. Among the topics for discussion will be Green sharing how resident associations can contribute to positive change not only in relation to infrastructure, but to the overall quality of life for everyone involved.

Living in a real neighborhood is something that just cannot be beat, he said, adding the financial attraction to doing so.

“I just love the city and diversity it brings with it,” said Green, literally on his way to feed his farm-raised chickens (outside city limits, of course). “You get a real mix of residential and business and a real sense of community. I just can’t stand everything looking the same (like in the suburbs). 

“(Moving downtown) is really one of the-most underrated investments you can make, too. We couldn’t believe what we were able to afford (downtown) as opposed to the suburbs.

“Old neighborhoods should be acknowledged and celebrated. People need to have pride in their neighborhoods. Our heritage should be celebrated.”

Green’s activism is hardly a new-found trait. Among the many projects he has been involved with in the past include building a garden on his own front lawn, along with the Ford City Community Garden. He said even the smallest personal change from one individual can have a great impact to a community as a whole.

“It really can act as a catalyst to other change, from starting a residential association to working with a business improvement association to cultivating political and social change. It’s all interwoven amongst each other.”

Olde Walkerville Residents Association chair Chris Holt said he couldn’t be happier to have someone like Green move into the Walkerville area.

“I’m excited! Both for the idea that a community could reach the level of desirability where residents choose to uproot their families and set down new roots within it's borders, as well as having someone of Steve's nature becoming involved in making it better,” said Holt. “Steve's a "Git-R-Done" kind of guy, and I know he will achieve things in Walkerville that he wouldn't have been able to do in other less-engaged communities in the city.”

“If you enjoy solitude and a monastic lifestyle with little community connection, then the suburbs are a great place for you,” added Green. “I know a lot of people who don’t enjoy this.

“I feel connected again. This is just the start of working within my new community. I plan on being pretty active here.”

For more on Steve Green, follow his blog by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of the Ford City Community Garden and Steve Green

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