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Feb 02, 2011  |   
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Contact OurWindsor

Do you have a great story, video, photo or blog about Windsor? If so we want you to share your work. We will expose your work to a larger, broader audience and as an added bonus, we can help you to make money while you are doing it! is a platform and advertising network for community content. All contributors will have access to an audience, advertisers and the best tools and technology.

Metroland Digital

1 Royal Gate Blvd

Woodbridge ON

L4L 8Z7


Please contact a member of our digital team for more information.

Our reporters:

• Tom Morrison

• Shelby Wye

• Rebecca Canty

Our Site Producers:

• Jillian Remulla

• Bill Angus

To contact a reporter from the OurWindsor team, please email

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