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Nov 26, 2014

Turning human waste into spaceship fuel

Now this one's just cool. And kinda funny. And maybe a little gross. But cool! Human waste, made into fuel for...

Oct 29, 2014

Young kids in the house could help lessen symptoms of menopause

Kids, a cure for menopausal symptoms? Well, not exactly, but a recent study has found that living with young children seems...

Oct 06, 2014

Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak made a reality?

Well, it's not a cloak in exactly the same way, but this thing is still pretty darn cool. According to a Reuters article...

Sep 25, 2014

Study finds type of algae could survive severe climate change

Climate change is making the news again with the latest United Nations summit on the topic. There's a lot of talk about how...

Sep 02, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: what made it catch on?

It's been all over your Facebook and Twitter feeds, it's everywhere online. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been...

Aug 14, 2014

Activate tractor beam! Physicists bring the Star Trek tech to real life, on water

Physicists have created a tractor beam that works on water, reminiscent of the tech used in sci-fi, like Star Trek. I...

Results: 1-6 of 6    
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